Photos of the New Jarvis "L" Station

Posted: 12/13/2012

Dear Neighbor,

The CTA invited me to get a sneak peak of our new Jarvis "L" station.  I went camera in hand and shot some photos as the workers were putting the finishing touches on the station, which will open tonight (Thursday) at 10:00 p.m..  The station is much brighter, cleaner and more spacious than the old.  I think you'll be happy with the final product.

Here's a sampling of some of some of the shots I took.  The first is a view of the station as you walk into the entrance:









Below is a view of the station looking out as you exit the stairs from the platform:









Here are some workers buffing up the agent's booth: 









Below is a view from the platform looking north.  Gone is the old wooden platform, replaced by a sturdier concrete version:











The viaduct is completely repaired and painted.  No more crumbling walls.  It will be considerably brighter at night.  The CTA placed their logo on both sides of the viaduct.  Below is the view looking east:











The new entrance to the Jarvis station:











Remember the vacant storefront just east of the old entrance?  The CTA expanded the stationhouse into that vacant storefront.  The door that was once the entrance to the storefront is now an additional entrance into the station:











I hope you enjoyed these photos. 

My staff and I will be outside the station tomorrow (Friday) morning beginning at 6:30 a.m., greeting commuters and handing out free coffee and donuts.  Stop by, say hello and check out our crown jewel on Jarvis!


Joe Moore