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 Community Gardening


Howard Area Community Garden

Location: 7741 N Hermitage

For more information, please contacthttp://neighbor-space.org/2011/05/20/howard-area-community-garden/















Hello! Howard Garden

(operated by Peterson Garden Project)

Location: southwest corner of Howard & Ashland
Number of plots: 215, including 4 accessible beds & 30 Grow-to-Give plots
Size of plots: 8'x4'

Application process: Peterson Garden Project is an educational organization dedicated to teaching everyone to grow and cook their own food. The Hello Howard garden is one of several teaching gardens on the north side of Chicago. Interested gardeners should sign up for the Peterson Garden Project newsletter at http://petersongarden.org/get-our-newsletter. Registration starts in February of each year and membership lasts one season with opportunity to renew. 

Waitlist maintained?: Yes

For more information, please contact PGP via their online contact form: http://petersongarden.org/about/














Ruby Garden

Location: 1552 W Schreiber
Number of plots: 72
Size of plots: 8' x 4'

Application process: Interested gardeners must reside within the area of Schreiber Park, as defined by the boundary of Pratt-Granville, Lakewood-Ravenswood. Garden plots are held for one growing season, with no guarantee that a plot will be re-assigned the following year. Fill out an application at http://www.therubygarden.com/about-ruby-garden.html

Waitlist maintained?: Yes

For more information, please contacthttp://www.therubygarden.com/index.html or email



Dubkin Park Community Garden

Location: 7430 N Ashland
Number of plots: 22
Size of plots: 8' x 4'
Application process: Interested gardeners should contact Christine Wellman at swan_2@sbcglobal.net. Garden plots are held for one growing season, with preference given to those who have participated in the garden in previous years. If no plots are available, applications are shared with the Howard Theater Community Garden.

Waitlist maintained? Yes

For more information, please contacthttps://www.facebook.com/DubkinParkCommunityGarden or email swan_2@sbcglobal.net

















49th Ward Streets & Sanitation Yard
6441 N. Ravenswood

7 Days a Week ~ During Daylight Hours


Joe Moore has worked for many years with the Chicago Recycling Coalition and other environmental organizations to urge the City of Chicago to provide households with responsible, effective recycling. This means eliminating the failed "blue bag" program and replacing it with clean, source-separated recycling.

We are on our way to accomplishing that goal! The city is rolling out a new "blue cart" program, where recycling, yard trimmings, and waste are all collected by separate trucks. Joe has pledged to keep up the pressure on City Hall to make sure that this program is expanded citywide as quickly as possible.

Until that happens, we urge you to take your recycling to the new Rogers Park drop-off recycling center at 6441 N. Ravenswood. We have been assured by the Chicago Recycling Coalition that the materials collected there are truly recycled. We have also learned that our local drop-off site collects the most materials of any of the city's 15 new centers! Let's continue to show City Hall how much we care about conserving resources and helping the planet!



Containers: #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #7
(All containers should be emptied and rinsed clean.)

  • Aluminum & Steel Cans, Tins, Trays & Foil
  • Milk & Juice Cartons
  • Milk & Juice Jugs (#2 clear plastic resin)
  • Glass Bottles and Jars - (clear, brown, green) No window glass, dinnerware or ceramics.
  • Pop, Water, & Flavored Beverage Bottles (#1 clear and green plastic resin)
  • Detergent & Fabric Softener Containers (#2 colored plastic resin)
  • PVC Narrow Neck Containers (#3 plastic resin) & Plastic Resin Narrow Neck Containers
  • Grocery Containers, such as six and twelve pack rings & margarine tubs (#4 plastic resin)
  • Grocery Containers, such as yogurt cups, and narrow neck syrup & ketchup bottles (#5 plastic resin)
  • Plastic Buckets, such as kitty litter containers (5 gallon size maximum) No metal handles.

Paper Fiber

  • Newspaper, including inserts (remove plastic sleeves)
  • Cardboard (no waxed cardboard)
  • Kraft Bags (brown paper bags), Magazines, Catalogs and Telephone Books
  • Office, Computer, Notebook & Gift Wrap Paper (no metal clips, spirals, binders)
  • Chipboard (cereal, cake & food mix boxes, gift boxes, shoe boxes, etc.)
  • Carrier Stock (soda & beer can carrying cases)
  • Junk Mail & Envelopes (no plastic cards, stick on labels or unused stamps)
  • Paper Back Books (no hard cover books)

49th Ward Streets & Sanitation Yard
6441 N. Ravenswood

7 Days a Week ~ During Daylight Hours


Download the flyer below to keep a list of these recyclable items close at hand.

icon Recycling_Flyer.pdf (186 KB)

(Replace the Blue Bag Program)

Order Requiring the Department of Streets and Sanitation to Implement a City-Wide Residential Source-Separated Recycling Program - Sposored by Joe Moore and supported by the Chicago Recycling Coalition, this Order would phase out the failed Blue Bag Program by 2009. (14 KB)

Helpful Links:

Chicago Recycling Coalition

Blue Carts Program Information

Department of the Environment



Green Corps Logo

Become active in our 49th Ward Green Corps online community where you can learn about and post meeting and event notices, share resources, and meet your like-minded neighbors.

 Join now at:




Join the Action Team! 

In the summer of 2007, Alderman Joe Moore, a long-time environmental advocate, formed the 49th Ward Green Corps.  Alderman Moore recognized that our community is home to many environmental leaders and activists and that if we tapped into their expertise and coupled it with the energy of willing volunteers, we could make the 49th Ward one of the most sustainable communities in the nation.

The members of the 49th Ward Green Corps Leadership Circle volunteered their time to present a popular green workshop series in 2008, again in 2009, and will be presenting another workshop series later this year. 

They also provide guidance and expertise to the members of our Action Team.

Action Team members have been meeting almost weekly since September 2007.  They have been trained on issues of conservation and community organizing and conducted a great number of community actions, including the following:

    • Held a community swap to encourage local reuse of goods.
    • Distributed and installed compact fluorescent lightbulbs for residents of a senior housing development.
    • Implemented a vermiculture program for students at Gale Academy
    • Conducted a workshop on Green Roof installations.
    • Worked with the Center for Neighborhood Technology to bring more bioswales and native gardens to our community.
    • Distributed reusable shopping bags to discourage the use of plastics.
    • Established "Green Committees" in condominium buildings to develop ongoing sustainable practices.
    • Organized multi-unit condominiums to work with their waste haulers to create true single stream recycling programs in their buildings so recyclable materials don't end up in the dump.
    • Working to bring a weekly summer Green Market to Rogers Park in 2010.

There is a lot going on!  These are just a few of the exciting adventures we have in the works.  Come join us and be part of the solution.  Can you imagine a project you would like to start if you just had a few friends and some resources to help you make it happen?  Come join the fun.  For information on membership, please contact us at ward49@cityofchicago.org.

BECOME A BOOSTER!  Take the icon Sustainable_Pledge.pdf (137 KB).  Sign the pledge and invite a friend, family member or neighbor to do the same.  Drop your pledges off at our Ward Service Office at 7356 N. Greenview and receive a free Booster Button for each of your pledges.

Greening the 49th Ward, One Neighbor At A Time.


Environmental accomplishments

Global warming is the most pressing issue of our day.  Joe Moore has a long record of environmental accomplishments and continues to fight for the future of our planet.

Below you will find a sampling of these accomplishments.

If you have an interest in joining the 49th Ward Green Corps, to look at and implement ways to make the 49th Ward a model community, please contact us.  You'll join local activists and city leaders committed to positive environmental change.



Local Environmental Successes

Joe Moore has worked hard for the environment in many ways.  Here are just a few.  Joe Moore...

Worked to add new parkland to the 49th Ward including the Gale Campus Park, Triangle Park, the Harold Washington Playlot and now the expansion of Hartigan Park at Albion and the lake.

Brought a new community center to Gale Park, currently under construction, which will have a green roof and other energy efficient design elements.

Holds public meetings on any proposed development affected by the Lakefront Protection Ordinance and recently blocked a high rise development proposal on Sheridan Road that was opposed by the community and by the 49th Ward Zoning and Land Use Advisory Committee.

Demarcated public and private beaches to stop private encroachment on public beaches.

Worked with Loyola University to ensure their latest campus addition would be a LEED Certified building.

Supported the efforts of Ann Whelan and Alderman Moore's 49th Ward Parks and Beaches Advisory Committee to set aside an area of Loyola Park beach at the Farwell pier for the protection of native plants and species as a first step towards restoration.

Extended and marked bike routes in the ward including those on Howard Street and on Kenmore Avenue.

Brought bicycle racks to transit stations and other locations in the 49th Ward.

Will protect our lakefront against any proposed extension of Lake Shore Drive, harbors, marinas or high rise developments. 

Was instrumental in bringing the Center for Neighborhood Technology's I-GO Car Sharing program to the 49th Ward and helping it expand, making the 49th Ward one of the most successful I-GO communities.